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AR Parent Link

Parent Information for AR

**The goal for second grade is to earn 9 points each nine weeks.

**Students can also earn AR MEDALS. 

                    Bronze Medal = 18 points

                Silver Medal = 27 points

                Gold Medal = 36 points


Parent Link


**Parents can monitor their child's progress from home!!!!


1.  At the top of this page, click on PARENTS.

2.  Click on AR PARENT from the drop-down menu.

3.  It will ask you for your child's AR log-in at school.  Ask your child for this information.......they SHOULD know it.  If they do not know, you can e-mail me and I will provide it.

4.  Once you have logged in, you can see how many points your child has earned so far this nine weeks for AR.  You can also see how many quizzes they have taken and passed.

5.  On the right-hand side, it shows the last book that a quiz was taken on and how well the student did. 

6.  Under the last quiz taken, it says VIEW MY BOOKSHELF.  This allows you to see what quizzes your child has taken.  This dates back to previous years because students are not allowed to take quizzes on books twice.

7.  At the bottom of the right-hand side, it says AR BOOK FINDER.  This is a great resource because you can type in the title of a book and see if it has an AR quiz for the student to take.  This will allow you to help your child choose books to read that he/she can then take a quiz on.



This link is simply a place for you to monitor your child's progress and find information about AR books.