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Remote Learning Resources for Parents

Last Updated: 3/31/2020 11:14 PM

Ways to Connect during Physical Distancing 

Resource Links
Drawing lessons with an illustrator

Audible Free Audiobooks PreK-12

How to use Audible

Read, Write, Think  Read, Write, Think Student Interactives - Engage your students in online literacy learning with these interactive tools that help them accomplish a variety of goals—from organizing their thoughts to learning about language—all while having fun. - grades K-5
Boom Writer Boom Writer - Begin with a story starter and students log in to write. After the different developments are read, students decides which direction the story should take. Edits and conferences abound until students agrees the story is finished. Then it is published! - grades 3-8
American Heart Association Recipes
Physical Education  
American Heart Association  Kids Heart Challenge
GoNoodle GoNoodle - Movement lessons and activities
Bedtime Math Bedtime Math - posts daily math problems for families to build mathematical literacy. Just 5 quick minutes of number fun for kids and parents at home. Read a cool fact, followed by math riddles at different developmental levels so everyone can jump in!
Which One Doesn't Belong  Which One Doesn't Belong - A website dedicated to providing thought-provoking puzzles for math teachers and students alike. There are no answers provided as there are many different and correct ways of choosing which one doesn't belong.
Estimation 180  Estimation 180 - Building number sense one day at a time.
 Esti-Mystery Esti-Mysteries - Estimation meets mystery - Each image invites students to wonder what number is represented by the image.  As you click through each Esti-Mystery, clues will appear that will allow the students to use math concepts to narrow the set of possibilities to a small set of numbers.  In the end, the students will need to call upon their estimation skills to solve the mystery and find the missing number.
ARTSINSTARK - Live Music at Lunch Live Music at Lunch, Dance Lessons to get you moving, Hands-on Kids Art Activities, and our oh-so-popular nighttime book reading from community artists!
Make, Create, and Learn Music
Social Studies
National Geographic Kids
Smithsonian History Explorer - History Explorer is the online portal for free, standards-based K-12 resources including lesson plans, interactives, videos, and artifacts from the National Museum of American History.
Maptia Geographic and cultural story-telling. Also, an excellent cross-curricular resource for English/Language Arts.
General Resources  

Home Learning Resources, Compiled by Tierney

The Tierney Professional Development team is focused on supporting student learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Due to the developments of COVID-19 (coronavirus), and the recommendations of various health organizations, many states have determined they will be closing schools and are requesting that schools develop distance learning plans. Many schools are providing plans specific to their students, but we understand some families are looking for additional resources to keep the students engaged in additional learning opportunities. 

ODE Educational Opportunities Kindergarten-Grade 3
Amazing Educational Resources
PBS Kids PBS Kids - Find FREE educational games, videos, hands-on activities, and more from your favorite PBS KIDS programs. Resources are appropriate for ages 3-8.
PBS Apps and Games PBS Apps and Games - Find educational apps from your favorite PBS KIDS programs. Compatible with iOS and Android devices. Resources are appropriate for ages 3-8.
PBS Kids for Parents PBS KIDS for Parents  - PBS KIDS for Parents offers information, activities and tips for parents, including this resource on “How to talk to your kids about coronavirus”. Resources are appropriate for ages 2-8.
PBS Learning Media PBS LearningMedia - PBS LearningMedia is a free service that offers thousands of contextualized learning materials aligned to state and national standards.
Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home - Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. The site will be updated weekly until 20 days of content is available.

The Exploratorium The Exploratorium - an ongoing exploration of science, art, and human perception. Explore the vast collection of online experiences to feed your curiosity and education resources supporting online teaching and learning.
Cincinnati Zoo

Facebook Live Daily Learning 3:00pm @cincinnatizoo

*As a reminder, we do not encourage students under the age of 18 to create Facebook accounts**

VR Field Trips from Home