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CEVSD One-Star Ohio Green Fleet Designation

One-Star Ohio Green Fleet logo

Designation as a One-Star Ohio Green Fleet demonstrates that a fleet has begun to make significant strides to reduce vehicle emissions and petroleum consumption. The process of greening a fleet is not achieved quickly or easily. Clean Fuels Ohio commends its One-Star Ohio Green Fleets for taking important steps toward making America’s transportation system more efficient and sustainable. 

"With an enrollment of over 2,000 students, the district strives to not only meet the needs of its students through active learning but by CEVSD  taking steps to reduce their school bus emissions and improve air quality for their community. With the presence of natural gas on district property, Carrollton Schools opened Carroll County’s first CNG fueling station on district property in 2015. This station offers the district and public access to affordable, clean, and domestic transportation fuel. The fueling station enables the district to reduce operating expenses for its bus fleet and provides the opportunity for a longer-term source of revenue through the community’s purchase of CNG fuel. Currently, 6 out of the district’s 19 buses in operation run on CNG, displacing 30% of the district’s fuel use with cleaner-burning, domestic, compressed natural gas. In recognition of these efforts, Clean Fuels Ohio is pleased to certify Carrollton Exempted Village Schools as a One-Star Ohio Green Fleet."