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Strawberry Sale Fundraiser for Prom Preparation

All juniors and seniors attending prom this year are selling strawberries to raise money to lower the cost of prom tickets. For every flat of strawberries students sell, they get $5.00 off their ticket. A half of a flat is $14.00, and a full flat is $24.00. The order cut off date is February 11th. The strawberries will come in the week of March 7th.

Bell-Herron Middle School Promotes Good Character

Bell Herron Middle School has been participating in a new program called “House.” There are four “houses” of character throughout the  middle school; the “house” of Courage, Strength, Integrity, and Wisdom. Each student, grades 6 through 8, is put into one “house” for their whole middle school career. The goal of this program is to reduce negative behavior by encouraging and rewarding positive behavior. They have specific “House Days,” small group sessions, and every last Friday of the month, Fantastic Friday. For more information about the Bell-Herron’s House Program, click here.

By Sydney Gray

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