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Time to Utilize“Blizzard Bags”

Monday, January 26, the Carrollton Exempted Village School District cancelled school for the sixth school day and Superintendent Dr. Dave Quattrochi announced that students were to utilize their “Blizzard Bags” sent home by teachers. The state allows schools to make up missed school days by completing teachers’ assignments. District wide teachers sent home “Blizzard Bags” on January 20 for students to keep at their residence in case of another school cancellation. Students’ first “Blizzard Bag” assignment is Due February 9, and must be turned into teachers no later than that date. The state allows students to have two weeks to complete a “Blizzard Bag” assignment from the date of the school cancellation.


AssessmAssessment season has arrived a bit earlier this year than it has in the past. I am excited to see how Bell-Herron students will do on these new assessments. Teachers and students alike have been preparing for these assessments all year. I am confident we will do very well.

State testing has changed quite a bit this year. We will be assessed in two rounds rather than one like before. The first, the Performance Based Assessment (PBA), will be given in six parts for grade 6 students. There will be three English Language Arts sessions, two Mathematics sessions, and one Social Studies session. These tests will begin February 24th and will conclude by March 6th. CLICK BELOW TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE.

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