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District Square Mileage 
2015 Scholarship Donations
2015 Scholarship Donations 
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Current News

Promenade will be broadcast live! Watch Promenade Live

Once again the promenade will be broadcast live.  Click here to watch.

Breakfast is Now Free!

Carrollton School’s Nutrition Services will be offering Universal Free Breakfast, beginning May 1st, 2017. Each student, grade K-12, in the district will be able to receive a no-cost breakfast at all of our schools.


By Sydney Gray

The French Soirée French Soiree

The Carrollton High School will yet be, yet again, hosting the French Soirée on Saturday, May 13. The theme this year will be “Mardi Gras.” It will be held from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. in the High School Gymnasium. Tickets are $5.00 per person. Also, when you pay $5.00, you receive $5.00 in “Soirée Bucks.”